TV & Film

Along with being a professional singer, songwriter and teacher, Machan has spent many years as a composer for music used in TV, radio and film.
She has composed for the Sonoton Music production library since 1995, through which she has written dozens of tracks of varying styles that have been featured in numerous major network (ABC, NBC, CBS)  TV shows such as Oprah, Steve Harvey, Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown and the like, various cable TV, radio, and film worldwide. Notably, a composition written by Machanand co-writer Stephen Gaboury, was featured in the Oscar winning film “American Beauty” starring Kevin Spacey. Most recently, they had a song placed in the Golden Globe Award winning and Oscar nominated film “Boyhood”.


All samples of music by Machan Taylor & Steve Gaboury- published by Sonoton Production Music

Scene From American Beauty

Car Commercial Music Demo